Monday, July 11, 2011

Where does the time go?

Summer is in full swing. I've spent much time at home, in Maine, and even took a week-long trip to Montana. As I travel around collecting experiences, I am constantly trying to keep up with all the information my social networks feed to me. I am experimenting with Google+ as the place to center all my updates, both the ones I receive and the ones I send. I hope to become familiar enough with Google+'s ins and outs so I can use it in the classroom this fall.

My students already have a gmail account and are familiar with Google docs. We use Edmodo as a way to share links, assignments, pictures, and ideas. I often hear from them that they tire of having to login to too many different locations. Will Google+ help to cut down on the number of logins or screens they need? Perhaps. Google circles are an interesting way to share information and already I have a circle labeled 'Students'. I envision using circles for different classes and project groups. A number of educators are brainstorming ways to use Google+ in the classroom and as we become more familiar with the network I feel confident it will become a regular tool in my toolbox.

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