Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Growing Gardens

I had been trying to think of an outdoor project I could do with my class that would be low cost, fairly simiple, yet keep my active group engaged.  I read an article about raised square plot gardening and decided to give it a go.  My students tend to complain about any and every idea, activity, and field trip we have so when the only comments I received were "Ugh, I wore white today," I knew I had a winner.
I posted an Edmodo poll to see what plants interested the students the most, then picked the seeds up at the local hardware store.  The girls directed me to the local lumber store, Butler Lumber, where we bought the plywood and 2x12s needed for our garden box. 
This past Monday afternoon, we took the time to plan our steps then build the box.  Mr. Matt Buma, my co-worker, has experience in carpentry and took the lead with the students.  One student was incredibly put off by the idea of using any sort of power tool, but the rest took turns drilling pilot holes, drain holes, and screwing the pieces together. 
A local bus driver and parent, Gwen, heard we needed gardening supplies and arranged for a couple local landscaping companies to donate loam.  We're waiting for that to be delivered this week so we can get to planting.  So far, this has been a fun project.  It gets the kids working outdoors and discussing things like what their plant needs to be healthy, and exposes them to a new process.  Maybe they'll even think twice about where their produce and flowers come from the next time they're in the grocery store.

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