Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's been one of those days

My students tend to complain no matter what the task at hand.  Most days I just shrug it off, because it comes with the territory.  To them, the grass is always greener, until they get there, and realize the OTHER grass was greener, and it's my fault they're not there.  It's fairly comical, until you see similar conversations take place between adults.  What has to happen in order for a school culture to become one of mistrust, doubt, and even nastiness?  I see more bashing and breaking down than I do building up, and this refers to adults as well as students.  Both groups complain about the "way things are" yet their own actions are what continue the cycle.
What do other schools do to assist their faculty to become self-reflective?  What are administrators doing to be sure their staff are able to step outside of the moment to see a bigger picture?  We are working so hard to pass on our 21st century skills to our students, but I wonder if perhaps we the educators should be briefed in them first.

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